Planet Earth--One Very Beautiful Spot
in the Vastness of the Universe

Our Mother Earth

Earth Healing Meditation

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Prayer For Healing and Unity
We pray for the trees. We pray for the forests. We pray for the birds. We pray for the creatures of the wilds. We pray for the ground that we stand upon. We pray for the waters that we drink. We pray for their endurance. We pray that they stay clean. We pray that the beauty remain beauty.

We pray for all our brothers and all our sisters. We pray that there be peace. We pray that there be love. We pray that there be kindness among us.

Let us all unite.... to be one in spirit, and in love reach out to all our brothers and all our sisters on this wonderful 3rd planet from the sun. Let us be one with the whole Universe in love and in peace.....amen.....peace to you.

Join us each day at 7 am or 7 pm your local time for a moment to send some loving care to our Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Visualize, pray, or meditate in whatever way is comfortable and appropriate for you. This way at any given moment there are any number of thousands of people all over the world joining together to send their love.

We invite you to create a core group of friends and neighbors to meet once or twice a month--or even once a week--to pray for our planet and for peace and harmony among our brothers and sisters. Together we can be a very powerful force to create harmony, peace, and healing. Science has proven that when many pray together there is a definite power brought into motion.

We've put the Earth Healing Meditation on audio cassette so that you can use it as a foundation for your morning or evening meditations, or to pass on to friends.

Now please take a moment to scroll up to view our beautiful planet and send Mother Earth and her inhabitants your love.....Peace to you....

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